Investment Guidelines
Aminim actively pursues multifamily investments in the United States. Acquisition targets are:

  • Mainly Class B multifamily assets
  • Garden-style or mid-rise construction
  • Properties that consist of 150-300 units (although assets outside this range are also considered)
  • Located in markets with evidence of population and job growth and sound economic fundamentals
  • Located in markets with positive migration from the renting demographic (millennials, baby-boomers)
  • Situated in supply-constrained markets or markets where absorption of new supply is rapid


Investment Criteria
Aminim adopts a conservative investment philosophy, and pursues deals with the following characteristics:

  • Forecast both annual yields and appreciation upon exit, to produce an attractive IRR
  • Demonstrate a balanced risk-return profile with upside potential and downside protection
  • Exhibit tangible value-add opportunities which justify the addition of rent premiums
  • Fit an ownership period of between 3-7 years
  • Some (not all) deals show potential for a favorable refinance after 2-3 years of management


Aminim's Commitment
For each of Aminim's investment projects:

  • Aminim provides periodical reporting and frequent updates to all partners
  • We continuously monitor the property management, operational and financial performance
  • We provide a platform for partners, including institutions, family offices and/or high net-worth individuals, to participate in the investment
  • Aminim contributes a significant percentage of the overall equity from its own balance sheet


Local Partners
For some acquisitions, Aminim teams up to co-GP in joint ventures with local U.S. operators. Local partners provide the advantage of adding to Aminim's deal flow, and also bring additional experience from their prior activities in specific markets. A joint venture partner will also contribute a share of the equity from their own balance sheet.


Other Investments
While Aminim is focused on U.S. multifamily, we also consider opportunities in other commercial real estate classes. Such investments may include retail, office, medical office, self-storage, data centers and industrial assets. Additionally, we also consider investments outside the United States.