Aminim Group is a boutique real estate investment house. The Aminim management team has over 20 years of experience investing in real estate, focusing its resources mainly in the multifamily market in the United States.

Aminim's mission is to place capital in a diversified portfolio of well-located multifamily investments across the United States, with each investment generating attractive annual cash flow and appreciating in value throughout the ownership period. We target yielding multifamily opportunities in a range of growth markets, and prefer assets which have promising value-add stories, whether this be via upgrading unit interiors, enhancing community amenities, or improving the day-to-day management of the property.

Aminim's vast hands-on experience, history of success, and deep relationships with key industry players, have attracted financial institutions, family offices, and sophisticated high net-worth individuals to regularly partner in our investments.

Aminim functions as the general partner in each of its investments, or as a co-GP in joint venture partnerships with experienced and enthusiastic local U.S. operators.


Aminim's hands-on approach to each investment means the team closely monitors the operational and financial progress of each asset throughout the hold period, regularly visits each asset, and conducts weekly and monthly meetings with the property and asset management teams on the ground. We constantly review each property under ownership and each local market in which we are invested, so that we can make real-time tactical and strategic decisions about each investment.

Aminim has traditionally focused its acquisitions along the U.S. East Coast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and in the South, in expansion markets and sub-markets displaying strong population growth, job growth and positive demographic indicators. Our ongoing mission to seek the best deals that match Aminim's risk profile, means that we consider opportunities not only in the aforementioned markets, but also in markets in the Midwestern, Western and Pacific states.